Michelle Merritt

Typos and grammatical errors are easy to miss. At Merritt Edits, I work through your writing to fix spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. You can trust that your manuscript is ready for publication.

I Work Diligently To Provide You Quality Editing

Providing flexible copy editing and proofreading services for Christian writers.

I work to ensure your voice emerges through your writing. I strive to provide you with corrections and suggestions that will only make your writing sound more like you.

It’s never too late to hire professional editorial help. While most authors hire an editor prior to formatting and publishing, some come to me for help after this. I want to hep you get the best book you can out there.


  • Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing
  • Art of Proofreading Certificate in Proofreading and Copy Editing


  • Editing Children’s Books
  • Editing Young Adult Fiction
  • Editiing Devotionals


  • Distributed Proofreaders for Project Gutenberg
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