Copy Editing

Copy Editing is the part of the editing process that comes after developmental editing and line editing.

The primary goal is to maintain your voice. Your work should sound like you. The second goal of copy editing is to ensure that:

  • sentence structure (syntax) is accurate
  • word choice/useage helps the reader enjoy your writing
  • consistent language style is maintained
  • facts, names, and dates are accurate
  • tables, graphs, illustrations, and artwork are reflective of the text, and are accurate
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Proofreading is the final piece to the editing process, and comes after copy editing.

The primary goal is to eliminate as many errors as possible, so that your reader is not distracted. Proofreading is a check for:

  • spelling
  •  grammar
  • punctuation
  • text formatting (e.g. do all the chapter titles follow the same format)
  • tables, graphs, illustrations, art work consistency with the text

Services Not Provided

Developmental Editing

The “big picture.” This includes plot, structure, character development, pace, viewpoint and tense, and narrative style.

Line Editing

Paragraph and sentence level editing. This includes phrasing and word choice consistency of characters, character-trait consistency, evaluation of tense effectiveness, sentence pacing and flow, dialogue consistency for characters, and clarity and consistency in viewpoint and narration.

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