Prompt Response

“Working with Michelle was a great experience and I would highly recommend her. She was very professional, trustworthy, and most importantly, timely. It was easy to communicate with her as she responded promptly, and her feedback was delivered in a way that made me feel positive and ready to keep going. I will most definitely continue working with her in the future.”
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Elizabeth Ember
Author, Teacher

Professional, Precise, Positive

“Michelle was able to edit my book quickly and gave such great feedback and notes for me to think about. She picked up on my recurring theme and helped me be consistent with my message. English was not my favorite subject in school, and she was able to format my writing so it is easily understood, especially by kids (my audience). I am grateful to have her eyes on my work. She was professional, precise, positive, and supportive of my work. When I write my next book I will be sure to seek out her services again!”
Samantha Pritchard
Samantha Pritchard
Author, Teacher

Conveyed My Voice

"It was so wonderful working with Michelle. She was very clear about her process upfront and set reasonable and achievable deadlines through the process. Because of this, she was able to complete the project early. Michelle was also very helpful in trimming down my wordiness in a way that still conveyed my voice, but in a more efficient way, which was needed for this non-fiction work. I will definitely work with Michelle again on my next project."
Julia O'Hara
Julia O'Hara
Montessori Education Coach

Way Above Expectations

“One of the best proofreaders I have worked with. I love how detailed and all-rounded Michelle is. Not just in terms of correcting the text, but also diving deep to understand the core of the content. Her level of service is way above my expectation, with quick replies and multiple crosschecks. She even explains why certain changes are made. I am very satisfied and highly recommend her.”
Felicia Yi
Felicia Chai
Author, Dentsit

Incredible Resource

“Michelle was an incredible resource to work with during the editing process of my 1st book. I initially shared my draft with several friends and believed I was 99% complete with my work. However, after sharing my draft with Michelle, she was able to provide multiple edits and revisions that I implemented into the work prior to publishing. She provided her suggested edits prior to the promised date. If you are new to writing, or even if you are an experienced veteran, her expert extra set of eyes and invaluable knowledge will play a critical role in adding professionalism and polish to your finished product.”
Chris Kirby
Chris Kirby
Author, Marketing Director
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